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Welcome to Alfa-Grant!

PE ICC "Alfa-Grant" with the head office in Odessa is one of the main trading companies in the southern region of Ukraine. The main activities of our company are the wholesale distribution of building materials and the development of the building supplies market in Ukraine.

We are proud of our fleet of over 20 delivery vehicles, hard-working staff of more than 100 employees, 5 storage areas in Odessa region, great stock availability, and some of the best products on the market. Our monthly turnover is 5 million dollars.

Here at Alfa-Grant, our company aim is to ensure the best possible service to our customers, and we do this by focusing on the main element we believe is most useful to them - quality products at affordable prices. For over 12 years we've been serving Ukraine regions, we've been working consistently on developing our business to ensure we offer this element.

Since our establishment, we've developed a close working relationship with our stockists, which means that we are able to secure our products at low prices and pass that saving along to our customers.

Our main range of building materials:

· Cement
· Aggregates
· Bricks
· Insulation materials
· Plasterboard, Plaster & Beads
· Silicones, Sealants, Caulking & Adhesives.

Right now the cement industry is one of our main working directions. We had a working experience with worldwide companies such as Lafarge (Moldova), CRH (Ukraine), our key Turkish cement partners are Adocim Cimento (Titan Group), Bursa Cimento, Dincer Cimento, Oyak group, Sanko Group, etc.

As cement industry became more and more interesting for us, we have supplied our clients with 550+ thousand tons of Turkish cement (including 50+ thousand tons of clinker), 50+ thousand tons of Ukrainian cement in the 2020 year.

We've expanded our logistic by using 10 main Ukrainian ports for spreading production across all regions in Ukraine and ensuring ideally placed to offer same or next day delivery to all our customers.

Our further plan is to expand supplier network and our presence on the world's market.

Monthly turnover of imported cement in 2020 year is provided below.
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Vladyslav Rudenko
Head of Import Department
Natalia Malinovskaya
Foreign Trade Manager

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foreign economic activity departmеnt:

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